Pennsylvania election results

Pennsylvania election results

Emma Minnick and Willow Bowen, Editor

On November 8, the polls were opened to Pennsylvanians to vote for governor and senator.

The results from the Pennsylvania governor race following candidates Josh Shapiro and Doug Mastriano was released. Shapiro has won the governor election having received 56.1% percentile of votes or in other words, 2,958,399 votes. Mastriano had a 42.1% percentile of votes or 2,220,692 votes. This reflects an under performance from the Republican party and Mastriano, who was expected to be a political comeback for the GOP.

The results for the Pennsylvania senate race were also finalized. John Fetterman (D) won the race against Mehmet Oz (R). Fetterman received 50.5% of the vote, coming in at 2,638,456 votes. Oz got 47.1%, or 2,458,607 votes. This fulfilled the common projection that Fetterman would beat Oz.

With two Democrats winning both the seats, PA is now officially a blue state.