Benevolent Beckerink


Ashton Mineo

Mental Health Counselor, Mrs. Beckerink

I’d like to shine a light on our school’s new mental health counselor, Mrs. Beckerink. Beckerink grew up in Clymer, New York, which is where she attended school throughout her childhood and high school. After high school, she decided to attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia for four years. She said she decided to attend Liberty because it is such a beautiful campus and she enjoyed hiking in nearby areas. Following her four years at Liberty, she attended Edinboro University for grad school. A few years after her time in college she ended up right here at Corry High.

Mrs. Beckerink is a big fan of the outdoors. She told me that she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and if she could travel anywhere in the world she would choose to go out West and that she has always wanted to go out there. Beckerink also finds joy in reading and spending time with her two kids. She has a son in second grade and a daughter in seventh grade here at Corry. Beckerink explained that she loves attending her daughter’s wrestling matches and supporting her.

When asked why she ultimately chose to be a mental health counselor, Beckerink described how she has always liked helping people and getting them through their problems. She said she likes being someone that people can talk to and she wants to make a difference. She also said she has really enjoyed her time here at Corry so far. The kids and staff have been great to her. Beckerink said that her favorite part of her job is being part of this community. Now that she lives in Corry she feels that by doing her job and helping others, she is positively impacting her community.

I’m very glad I got the opportunity to talk to, and get to know, Mrs. Beckerink. She is really easy to talk to and she is working extremely hard to make a difference here at Corry. I would like to thank Mrs. Beckerink for taking the time to answer my questions.