The Pennsylvania governor election: what you need to know


WIllow Bowen, Editor

The election for the new Pennsylvania governor will be held on Tuesday, November 8. Josh Shapiro (Democrat) and Doug Mastriano (Republican) are the candidates. Tom Wolf has been the governor of Pennsylvania since 2015, having run two terms. 

Josh Shapiro was born June 20, 1973, and is 49 years old. His education was earned at the GeorgeTown University Law Center, and the University of Rochester. He would work at law school during the night while working in the government during the day. Sharpiro has been a part of the Attorney General Pennsylvania since 2017.  

Shapiro’s Beliefs follow abortion rights, raising the minimum wage to $15, supporting LGBTQ rights, more restrictive gun laws, and much more. 

Some of Shapiro’s accomplishments include arresting more than 6,000 drug dealers, obtaining over 328 million dollars in relief to Pennsylvanians who were scammed by pharmaceutical companies, and he is leading a reform to keep employers from taking money from Pennsylvania workers. 

Doug Mastriano was born January 2, 1964, and is 58 years old. He gained his education from the University of New Brunswick, Maxwell Air Force Base, National Intelligence University, Hightstown High School, US Army War College, Maxwell Air Force Base, Eastern University, and Mercer County Community College. 

Mastriano has served in the U.S. Senate since 2019, representing the 33rd district. He is a member of the Republican party. Mastriano has had accomplishments as a retired military colonel and combat veteran. He was a professor at the Army War college. Mastriano is also a former vice chair of the agriculture and rural affairs committee. 

He beliefs in banning gay marriage, making less restrictions on gun laws, the deportation of illegal immigrants, and much more. 

Make sure to get out and vote!