Terrific Toplovich

Rubie Gibson

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Terrific Toplovich

The school’s middle school English teacher, Mrs. Valerie Toplovich, deserves so much respect. Not only does Mrs. Toplovich love helping out young people, she is also very down to earth with her students.

Who is Mrs. T? She is a brilliant, sweet, and beautiful lady. She was born on July 11, and grew up in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania. In high school she played volleyball, softball, and even bowling, which is very unique. She played volleyball in college.

Toplovich’s favorite quote is one she made up herself: “Real life doesn’t work in multiple choice.”  Toplovich’s favorite movie is “The Breakfast Club” filmed in 1985, and her favorite song is “I Got a Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas. Her favorite color is pink. (I agree pink is beautiful.)

Mrs. T’s biggest pet peeve is disrespect. When I asked her what animal relates to her personality she said “a dog.” Her favorite emotion is love, and her idea of a perfect date would be going on a car cruise and watching a sunset. She also loves pizza.

When I asked her why she entered into the teaching field Toplovich said, “I have always wanted to teach because I love learning, but I went to collage for business instead and worked in the plastics industry. The company I worked for went bankrupt, so I had a chance to become the teacher I wanted to be.”

Last but not least, her dream vacation would be “not one particular place, but as long as it involves the sun, roller coasters and fast cars I’m in!”

From knowing Mrs. Toplovich for so long, one way to drive her insane is to be disrespectful. She may be a strict teacher, but she puts her students first and she gives them the world. She was my English teacher in eighth grade, and from that year forward she has been my biggest supporter.  I just want to thank her so much for being my favorite teacher of all time and for being the best. As she would say, “If Mrs. Toplovich wouldn’t do it, you shouldn’t do it.” That’s what she always tells me!

Mrs. Toplovich, I really appreciate you!