Students walk the red carpet into HOCO 2022


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Jacob White, Reporter

On October 8, 2022, in the East Gym in the Corry Middle-High School the student council and Mrs. Carey held the annual Homecoming dance with a theme of Old Hollywood.

Not even minutes before the dance started there we already lines of people dressed in fancy and suited dress clothes and others in gorgeous dresses just waiting for their tickets to be checked and to be let into the dance. Upon entering the doors all of the students of Corry saw the decorations. Huge single displays scattered throughout the area of where the dance was being held just for students to capture the moment within the hundreds of videos and photos taken that night. Stars with the names of every person who attended the dance adorned the walls and tables were arranged for people to rest after having hours of fun, or during the fun for a quick break, and then getting right back into the party.

Almost the whole school attended, everyone seemed to have smiles and joy on their face besides the usual injuries that stopped parts of the dance for a few moments or the occasional drama that occurred.

Groups were partying the whole night and couples were enjoying the time they got together and everyone danced the night away until the time hit 10 pm and the dance came to  an end. Everyone slowly made their way out of the dance while collecting their scattered belongings and the stars that held the names of all the students who attended the dance.

The dance was enjoyed by everyone. The whole school of Corry Area Middle-High school would like to thank Mrs. Carey for putting on such a great dance for people to just get away from the world and enjoy the time they had with the people at the dance.