A current snapshot of the 2022 college football season

A current snapshot of the 2022 college football season

It’s that time of the year where every Saturday our day is taken up by the countless amount of college football games that are played. Whether it’s sitting at home on the couch watching, or at the game witnessing the live action plays, football season is a whirlwind of fun. Stated here are a list of the top ten D1 football teams this 2022 fall season based on records and points.

10. Arkansas falls into the number ten slot, and they were previously ranked 10th so there hasn’t been a change in their placement yet this year. Arkansas’s record is 3-0 winning every game they’ve played so far this year, and they have a total of 920 points.

9. Oklahoma State is ranked ninth after previously being ranked eighth, dropping one placement. Oklahoma is 3-0 this season going undefeated. Their total number of points so far this year is 1,071 points.

8. Coming in at number eight is Kentucky with their record being 3-0, and yet again another undefeated team in the top 10 teams. Kentucky was ranked ninth but made their way down one spot being ranked now as 8th, and they have a total of 1,096 points this year.

7. Southern California fills in the number seven spot after being previously ranked 7th, so not much has changed for Southern California. They’re undefeated this season with a score of 1,197 points.

6. Oklahoma is ranked sixth and is undefeated. Oklahoma has a total of 1,257 points this season, and have remained ranked in the same spot since the beginning of the season.

5. To start off the top five college football teams Clemson is ranked fifth on the list. They’ve also had an undefeated season with a total of 1,268 points, and they’ve stayed in the same ranking place they were in originally.

4. Michigan fills the fourth spot with a 3-0 season so far. They haven’t decreased or increased in their rankings so far this year. Michigan’s total points so far this year are 1,364 points.

3. Starting off the top three Ohio State is ranked third, having a record of 3-0 this football season. Ohio State started the season off ranked third and they are continuing to stay in that spot at this time. Their points for this season are 1,473 points.

2. Alabama is ranked second with a record of 3-0, and a point amount of 1,492, starting off the season strong. Alabama was ranked second at the beginning of the year, and their ranking stays the same.

1. The number one college football team so far this season is Georgia. A record of 3-0, and a staggering total of 1,569 points so far this season. Georgia started the year off strongly ranked as number one, and they are continuing to stay there.