Updates on Corry homecoming 2022

Willow Bowen

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Corry High School’s 2022 homecoming season is right around the corner and it looks very exciting. Homecoming is the most important time in the year for school spirit and the student council has worked together to create an exciting homecoming.  

The theme for this year’s homecoming is Old Hollywood. The dance will be on Saturday October 8th. If you are confused about what that might look like, it’s a time in Hollywood that falls between 1930 and 1960. This time period was considered the “Golden Age” for film and aesthetically pleasing fashion, movies, and music. The classes have been broken into different film genes. The seniors are noir (black and white), the juniors are horror, the sophomores are comedy, and the freshmen are western.                                                                     

Spirit week is one of the most popular, anticipated parts of homecoming and many people either love or hate it. Despite whether you like it, the days look quite interesting. Starting off with Monday, it’s wear your favorite pair of pajama pants. Tuesday is country club vs. country. Wednesday is Adam Sandler day, typically shown as a baggy t-shirt shirt and basketball shorts. Thursday is orange and black day to show school spirit, and Friday is color wars. The color for seniors is black, juniors are red, sophomores are yellow, and freshmen are, as usual, brown. Spirit week will take place from October 3-7. 

That is all that has been released so far about this year’s homecoming season. If you are interested in learning more or helping out go to the next student council meeting in room 66. Upcoming topics that the student council will be working on are: planning the homecoming parade for October 6 and pep assembly for October 7.