Mr. Passinger is the new high school principal

Mr. Passinger is the new high school principal

MaKenna Moore, Reporter

Attention Corry High School: we are going to have a new high school principal, Mr. Passinger. Mr. Passinger  is taking over Mr. Cragg’s spot as head high school principal after this year.

Sadly, Mr. Cragg is retiring after this year and everyone will miss him dearly, but he’s heading into the glorious years of retirement. To get an insight on how Mr. Passinger feels about becoming an upcoming principal, I asked him some questions.

The first question asked was “Are you excited to become the new high school principal?”  Yes he is very excited to become the high school principal it is a step forward for his career, and it is a new challenge. He enjoys having new challenges that will enhance his ability as a person. He was a teacher for 22 years, and an assistant principal for four years.  He feels that it’s time to move onto bigger things. Mr. Passinger is excited to become the new principal because he is in a good place to help and support the faculty and staff.

The next question was, “Were you the only person running for this job?” Passinger replied, “Yes but no. Usually you do have others run up against and people vote who it should be, but I was named/chosen by the superintendent to be named as main high school principal.”

Mr. Passinger was an English teacher for 18 years, and then he switched to assistant principal for a new challenge for his career. When asked, “Why did you choose to become an assistant principal?” Passinger said that, “After teaching English for 18 years I believe that I’ve done a nice job teaching English, and I was ready for a new challenge, and when the assistant principal job opened up I went for it. I wanted to take what I taught in the classroom to help other students and staff in a different ways. I also tend to lean towards leadership roles, so I was ready to go for this opportunity.”

Then when asked about what his goals are while being principal he stated that his goals were to continue building the curriculum and assignments to challenge the students, help the staff to benefit them more as individuals, and enhance learning. Mr. Passinger would also like to build a stronger, closer relationship with the students and staff to make their school days go by easier, and he understands what each one is going through. He is also going to be opened minded towards the community and school staff about things like enhancements and changes about education and school issues.

Mr. Passinger is honored and excited to become Corry’s new high school principal coming next school year.