“Moon Knight” episode five: Marc tries hippo therapy


Emma Minnick, Editor

On Wednesday, the fifth (and second to last!) episode of Marvel Studios’ “Moon Knight” was released. This episode followed the shocking cliffhanger of episode four, providing more context for the bizarre events.

This episode takes a deep exploration into Marc Spector’s psyche. The audience, alongside Steven, has to unpack Marc’s extensive trauma. This episode has, in my opinion, the best performance Oscar Isaac has provided in the show so far.

The show expertly explains episode four’s madness, while still allowing an air of uncertainty and mysticism to form. This episode has a visually stunning depiction of Egyptian mythology and expands on our newest goddess, Taweret. Taweret, voiced and motion captured by Antonia Salib, is kind and endearing. The sweet hippo is an interesting contrast to the gods we have seen so far, particularly the harsh, brooding Khnoshu.

Oscar Isaac tops his performance of both Marc and Steven. He expertly portrays Marc coming to terms with his trauma, and shows the fear and confusion Steven feels when he learns that he is not the original host, but simply an alter. We see Steven relive memories that were never really his, and both Steven and the audience come to understand why Marc needs Steven to cope.

This episode is an emotional and vivid portrayal of grief, trauma, and loss, earning it 5/5 stars from me. However, it also ends with a shocking moment, a cliffhanger that leaves me wondering: where do we go from here? Khonshu is imprisoned, Ammit has been released, Layla is alone, and Marc’s fate is very uncertain. Tune into next Wednesday’s episode to see how the series concludes!

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