“Moon Knight” episode four flips the script!


Emma Minnick, Editor

Moon Knight episode four is probably the most exciting installment of the series so far! This episode shows Marc (primarily fronting as Steven) and his wife Layla searching to find the highly sought tomb of Ammit. What comes next is a high stakes, fun, and trippy adventure.

The episode evokes classic explorer films such as “Indiana Jones” or “Tomb Raider,” showing the pair navigate a dark and dangerous maze of treasures. This is interrupted in the end, however, with an abrupt scene change that leaves more questions than answers.

As usual, Oscar Isaac is at the top of his game in this episode. He walks the line between sweet, clueless Steven Grant and cold, domineering Marc Spector with expert precision. However, Layla’s actress, May Calamawy, takes center stage throughout the episode. In episode four we learn a lot about Layla, and Calamawy perfectly portrays the hurt, confusion, and eventual betrayal that her troubled husband causes her.

Like many others, I was left dumbfounded by this episode’s ending. The fourth episode closes off with a “Shutter Island”-esque insanity revelation, but this is seemingly not literal. This bizarre yet fascinating ending paves the road for a dynamic fifth episode. And I, for one, cannot wait!