Linkerhof ends his high school wrestling career with a bang


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

Senior Corry wrestler Hayden Linkerof went to states and earned two medals, in fifth and seventh place. 

Linkerhof has been wrestling since he was seven years old, and has participated in clubs and training that are not school functions. He helps with the younger wrestlers when he can, but most of the time is at his own practices. Other than tournament matches he is in, he doesn’t really watch for fun.

 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), his dad, and his cousin, Pete, all influenced him to get into wrestling. He says that getting into high school, he didn’t really look up to anyone, but if he had to choose, it would be Ryan Morris. Since the time he started wrestling, he’s gone to states five times. “States was fun, but my placement didn’t represent how good I did at states,” he said.

Hayden shares that conditioning for wrestling takes a lot out of you at the beginning, but gets so much easier once a wrestler is more conditioned. After high school, he said that there is nothing he will miss more than his teammates. “All the memories we shared at tournaments, and during and after matches will be something I’ll hold onto,” he adds.

After high school, he is going to attend Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania to wrestle there.