Corry’s 15R travel volleyball team takes home a win for the second weekend in a row


MaKenna Moore, Reporter

Epic Corry 15’s took home first place again for a second weekend in a row. They started out at SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio, on February 20, 2022. Then the next weekend they headed up to Erie to compete in the Erie Sports Bank Park on February 27, 2022. Both tournaments took place on Sundays.

Allison Sawyer, front row player, said, “I feel like our season is going well because we are a very well-rounded team, and can give each other constructive criticism without taking it to heart. We haven’t lost a set in the past two tournaments, and we are getting better and better every tournament as a team, and learning new positions.”

The Corry volleyball program has travel teams for ages 12-15. Each age group has done especially well at each of their tournaments whether they are in state, or out of state. The tournaments are usually held at Erie Sports Bank Park in Erie, or at Fort LeBoeuf High/Middle School. The season usually starts at the end of November, but the tryouts are in the beginning of November. These girls practice two days a week and have tournaments almost every weekend. The coaches of the program are Kelly Goodsel, Pat Goodsel, Amy Allen, Karalee Kemp, Valerie Watrous, and Mark Brenner.

Aubrey Chase, middle hitter, said, “I really love how this JO season is going so far. We are getting better everyday, and we work really hard. I love playing with all my teammates, and winning with them.”

The coaches that attended the tournament were also asked the question, “How do you feel about the season so far?” 

Coach Amy Allen said, “It’s exciting to see our girls, some of them especially that started in 12u to see them now. They’re learning, and making adjustments, improving, and growing closer together as a team. It’s been a good season. I’ve enjoyed watching them and I’m excited to see how far they can push themselves.” 

The Epic Corry 15’s have been playing together since they were in the 12’s bracket. They have been doing the travel “JO’s” program together for four years.

“I think we have made a huge amount of progress from now to high school, and we continue to grow as a team,” Payton McCray, setter, said. “There are some areas we can improve on, but all around the season is great.”

Halle Albers, left side hitter, said, “I believe that after every tournament we are getting better and better. We have also grown as a team in many ways. We are a very competitive team. I think that this season will just bring more and more wins for us.”

The 15’s team consists of Payton McCray (setter) Kendyll Chamberlin (setter and right side hitter), Allison Sawyer (front row player), Aubrey Vanderhoof (middle), Emmalee Carr (middle), MaKenna Moore (outside hitter and DS), Halle Albers (outside hitter and DS), and Sydney Woods (Libero).

Kendyll Chamberlin, setter/right side hitter, said, “I think our season has been very successful. Each set we get better, and better. We work well as a team, and make each other better.”   

The 15’s team was also accompanied by 13-year-old Grace Allen (front row hitter and setter)  who is from the 13’s team. She had played with them the last two weekends when they had sealed first place wins. Allen said, “This year for the 15’s JO teams I feel like you guys have really become good examples for the younger age groups. You all are very strong on the court, and you all take on the role of being leaders. I feel like you’re having fun, and you guys really focus on the tiniest details while playing the game.”

The 15’s is coached by Kelly Goodsel, and Pat Goodsel. At the SPIRE Institute tournament on February 20 there were eight teams. The 15’s ended up playing six games, and they won every set in each game. They went the whole day undefeated and in glory. They not only took home first place, they also got shirts as a “trophy.” The weekend of February 27 there were 16 teams in the tournament, and the girls played another six games that day going undefeated once more, not even dropping a set the whole day. It was recorded that only one team had made over 20 points while playing against them. They took home another win for the second weekend in a row, and they took home yet another shirt as a “trophy” for their win. It’s astonishing that they have not lost a set for either tournament, beating every team that they played against. 

The girls have been working really hard, and they have dedicated their personal time for this sport. Spending almost every weekend and many week days to get to this point of winning two tournaments in a row. They are growing not only individually, but also as a group.

Emmalee Carr, middle hitter, said, “Our season has been pretty good. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re all taking every opportunity we can get to learn more and get better. I’ve really enjoyed playing, and growing with these girls.”

These girls are very well rounded individuals making everyone of them very valuable. They look like a unit on the court, making each move and decision look so easy. They flow so well together, and they make an amazing team. Each one of them are very dedicated athletes who work hard to be the best, and when they come together they’re unstoppable. They often challenge each other and push one another to do better. Each one of them are very dedicated to this sport, and their team.

“I believe that our season has been good, and we are getting progressively better every day,” Sydney Woods, libero, said. “Every tournament we learn new things. We have grown as a team, and we have built trust.