The world as it is, a fictional story

The world as it is, a fictional story

Emma Reyda, Reporter

Months have passed since the bombs have dropped. Mia and I have been doing well considering we’ve been living in an underground bunker and we just lost our parents. We found some sort of solar-powered record player with some records in storage along with hazmat suits that allow us to leave the bunker with protection. We haven’t left yet, we want to plan for an adventure when we know its a little more safe out.

To pass our time, we’ve been listening to music and watching movies. At some point into living in our bunker, we found a stray dog and decided to take him in. We made sure that he wasn’t contaminated and did our best to try and nurse him to health. He is very good company and Mia’s anxiety has been getting better now that he is around.

We haven’t heard much from the outside world. A man who survived the blast tried to break in a few weeks ago. He was very sick and looked like something out of a horror movie. He kept begging for us to let him in but he looked insane. He realized that we were not going to let him in so he got very upset and intentionally tried to scare us. He eventually left but his voice and face is permanently burned into our minds.


I’ve decided that its time for me to leave the bunker and try to get Mia and I some more clothes and things to do. Mia and Rover (yes, that is what we have named the dog) are staying in the bunker. I slipped on my suit and taped down the edges and opened the four doors that blocks our world to the one outside.

The sky is melancholy and grey, with the sound of wind blowing filling the area around me. All the plants are dead and the house in which my family and I once lived has lost all of its shine and homeyness. I open the door to the place I once called home and grabbed as much stuff as I could. I start to tear up because all of the memories of Mia and I being happy are gone. My family is gone.

I leave the house and march my way towards our bunker and enter, with tears still in my eyes. I hand Mia her things and she asked how much longer we had to stay in here. I never answered her because to be honest, I’m not sure.

That night, as I lay in my bed with Rover, I dream of what the world will be like in a few years…

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