Door decorating winners announced

Haeleigh Bayle, Editor

Last Friday, December 17, the winners of the recent door decorating contest were announced. In third place was Mrs. Andrzejczak in room 29 with 57 points. Second place was Mr. Fourspring in room 94 with 58 points. And the winning door was Mrs. Braswell in room 60 with 59 points! Congratulations to these three winners.

When asked how it felt to win the contest, Mrs. Braswell responded with, “I was very surprised because I knew there were a lot of great doors. And I did not expect to win, that is for sure.”

The captivating door really entranced people as they walked by, and I heard many people say, “I hope this door wins” as I passed in the hallway.

Mrs. Braswell remarked that it took about a week to finish with the help of six students. The students who assisted with the props and door were: Taylor Greer, Isabella Burrows, Tyler Barry, Madison Braswell, Carson Braswell, and Ruthie Light. The idea of their door came from Pinterest, according to Mrs. Braswell.

The door decorating contest ended on a good note, and now the hallways are fully festive before students and staff head into break. Everyone’s doors look great and really show off the creativity and different takes on each door. Attached above this article are many pictures from this past third annual door decorating contest.