End of school year looking normal with some modifications


Hannah Chelton, Reporter

In the Corry area the end-of-school festivities are in full swing with a few modifications. With the school year coming to a close, there has been a sense of normality taking place, unlike last year. All seniors in the graduating class of 2020 did not have a traditional end to their final days in high school. With the world basically shut down, there did not seem like there was going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. However, with vaccines, and COVID-19 cases decreasing, things are starting to seem like they used to be.

The school is hosting an academic ceremony for students who achieved academic honors just like in previous years. The few changes are that there is no dinner, and the ceremony is broken up into three different time slots to keep the crowd numbers low. Each session will also be recorded and  edited together so it is a complete ceremony for people to watch.

Another event taking place is the prom. There is going to be the traditional promenade, coronation, formal dinner, and dancing. However, one major difference is that there is going to be activities such as putt-putt golf, ski lift rides, and soaring eagle zip line rides. Adding these activities allows for social distancing in efforts to slow the spread of the virus. Some people are not in favor of this approach to prom, but others find it to be different and seem even more fun than a traditional prom. Maybe Corry’s prom will be changed to have activities along with the traditional prom aspect from here on out.

Although the last year has presented many challenges, it is nice to see things starting to go back the way they used to be before the coronavirus.