Corry High is back to full in-person learning


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Starting Monday, March 22, any high school student who wanted to return to campus for the start of a five-day cycle of in-person learning were able to do so.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 cases in the school, a mandated shutdown occurred in mid-November of 2020. The shutdown impacted many students/teachers and their families in many different ways. Because the school has opened back up, it means that the classrooms are full (somewhat) again and students are able to converse with others from the different cohorts. Classrooms have started to liven up after many months of remote or split-attendance school days, and the stress of online learning for teachers will lessen up somewhat. Many teachers are happy to be having the students back in session. Some students are excited to come back as well, while others will miss the 8:29 morning wake-ups to log onto a Google Meet for the taking of attendance.

With half of the school’s student body returning for in-person, hallways may start to get a little hectic. However, with adjusting and getting used to being back, many will grow accustomed to the hustle and bustle again. Classroom sizing and flow will also take a little bit more time to get used to, but with being back in person for a few weeks, any misunderstandings or knots in the system will undoubtedly be smoothed out.

Some students are very excited to be back in the classroom. Take Markus Lambert, a freshman, for example. After asking him if he is excited about coming back to school, he stated, “Yes I am excited because I get to see all of my friends more often and sometimes it is easier to learn in-person. However, I must say, I will miss being able to sleep in an extra hour and having the freedom to do school from anywhere…even my bed.” Markus shares the same opinion as many students returning to school, as they are optimistic about being able to focus but will slightly miss the flexibility of online schooling.

With coming back to in-person learning, some teachers have expressed their views on the situation. High school teacher Mr. Woods, when asked if he was looking forward to having both cohorts (A and B) back in the building starting Monday, answered, “I am very excited about the return of all the students. I believe in the value of on-site school, not just to increase academic performance but also the social, community and mental health aspect of being part of something greater than oneself.  School is a little practice ground for the real world.  I’ve discovered the most important skill in navigating the world is interpersonal skills and high school is a great place to learn that.”

Mr. Woods’ words sheds light on the fact that coming back to in-person learning is a very crucial part of a child’s education and the development of certain qualities needed for adulthood. By mentioning the importance of on-campus learning, it goes to show that when students are given the chance to interact with other students they develop the ability to perform well under societal pressure. Instead of getting extremely nervous or closed-off, students (with the right amount of socialization) will be able to successfully withstand a conversation in public and not make themselves or others uncomfortable in the process. Being able to talk well with others is a very important step when going out into the “real world” after graduating high school.

Some concerns regarding coming back to school have risen. Some students may ask: If we get another wave of COVID cases are we going to have to stay remote the rest of the school year? Will the enforcement of masks be stronger? Will all of our desks have to have shields? All of these concerns regarding coming back to school are real and valid. To those questions though, there aren’t many answers. The administration at the school will handle all of that when the time comes and will inform the student body and faculty (and families). Until then, students will need to wear a mask and be prepared for  school as well as whatever gets thrown their way.

On that note, returning to school on the 22 will be interesting and different for everyone after being away for so long. However, this situation is a reminder to enjoy high school while you can and go through each day optimistically.