Bailey the bubbly dog


Rachael Hajec, Editor

Awoooo! What is that howling noise you might ask? Well, it’s not a wolf…it’s just my dog Bailey. Whether it is morning or night, her only loud and unusual response is to howl at anything and everything. Bailey is a four-year-old Bernese Mountain dog who has black and white fur with some brown eyebrows. Fortunately, she is very cute because she may not be the smartest dog ever. When we got her around 2016, all of her brothers and sisters were not nearly as energetic as she was. While she was running around their play area in circles and rolling over, she was the only one not laying down. We knew in that moment that she was the one.

Bailey’s favorite things to do include the usual: sleeping and laying down; however, everything in between is activities like no other. Running around the house or yard until we beg her to stop or come inside; playing with the cat (even though she knows the cat does not like her); locking herself in the bathroom by “accidentally” shutting the door with her tail; taking Molly’s bone, charging through the snow, skipping all the steps on the front porch and blazing through the door like a rocket; sitting on your feet when you’re putting your shoes on, and so much more.

If Bailey was a person I believe she would be an excited little girl who loves going on vacation and having adventures. As Bailey has actually run away from home for a few days, you can tell when she comes back she had the journey of a lifetime. Since she is still pretty young, all of her love and energy definitely outshines some of her moments of breaking the rules. When she is disciplined or even just talked to, her immediate response is to repeatedly howl as if she is asking a million questions or saying something completely out of the ordinary. But, like a little kid, she is still discovering a world full of her favorite things while loving the people and other animals around her. Without her in our lives our house was definitely a lot calmer and quieter, but our house is more filled with love and life as she makes it a lot less boring.