Molly the jolly dog

Rachael Hajec, Editor

Oftentimes people say that a dog is a girl’s best friend, and honestly…they couldn’t be more right in my opinion. Molly, my yellow lab, is about 13 years old and still as lively as ever. When my family and I moved into my current house in 2008, my parents surprised my brother and I with a cute little puppy as a welcome home gift. As she was my first pet ever, I was very excited to train her, and love her as my own. Ever since then she has been nothing but a protector and best friend to me.

Some of her favorite things include sleeping by the fire place, sleeping on my fuzzy rug, sleeping under the Christmas tree or table, and basically just sleeping anywhere. She loves to play, cuddle, and follow us all around the house wherever we go. A few things she does regularly is bark at a reflection of light, whether it is from the sun or your phone screen, and she chases after it nonstop. Her and my cat Boots love to pick on my dog Bailey as she is a little too hyper for her own good. Also, when the mailman comes she is the first one at the door, but she never has a nice greeting.

If Molly was a person I believe she would be a sweet and protective little old lady. I can picture her falling asleep in a chair while crocheting, or reading bed times stories to her grandchildren. As a very loving and protective dog, she can really relate to anyone of any age who cares about her family and friends, enjoys having fun, and someone who gets excited when having a treat every now and then. If I had one word to describe her overall it would be jolly. Personally, Christmas is a holiday that makes me feel happy and warm inside, so Molly definitely gives my family and I that feeling all year round. As Molly is my best (dog) friend, our house would not be nearly as full of love without her.