Survey: Who is hosting Thanksgiving?

Survey: Who is hosting Thanksgiving?

As the holiday season approaches, the race to see who is hosting Thanksgiving is up for grabs. Some are already determined by tradition, but others may be traveling or even hosting themselves. I went around Corry Area High School and asked students and faculty where they will be eating turkey, stuffing, and pie on this special cold November night. 

Mrs. Frisina: In laws and parents locally 

Angie Cressley: Hosting locally 

Mrs. Thier: Parents/ Might go to Austin, Texas 

Mrs. Smrcka: Her son Trevor dad’s side is hosting 

Kendyl Scouten: North Carolina 

Izzy Kellog: Cousins in Erie, PA

Sadie Carpin: Mom’s house locally 

Jacob Sproveri: Grandmas locally 

Mrs. Audet: Sisters in Lakewood, NY 

Brooklyn Taylor: Hosting locally 

Maddie Gustafson: Hosting locally

Sadie Dyne: Hosting locally 

Kieran Graves: Aunt Val locally 

Cooper Downey: Grandparents locally 

Micaiah Pike: Rod and Gun Restaurant Chautauqua, NY

Dustin Rose: Aunt’s in Erie, PA

Ryan Webb: Hosting locally 

Ms. Davies: Parents, Spring Creek, PA

Ms. Turk: Parents, Warren, PA

Hannah Roach: Hosting and Aunt and Uncle’s house 

Isaac Morningstar: Working at Tim Horton’s 

Aylssa Burlew: Hosting locally 

Nick Lesher: Grandparents in Erie, PA

Tucker Jackson: Grandparents locally 

Landon Hasbrouck: Hosting locally

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