Everyone should consider going to Point Park University

Everyone should consider going to Point Park University

Point Park University is a private university that has been providing students with excellent academics since 1960. Located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s downtown, students are not only gaining a good education, but they are able to experience city life as well. Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to attend one of their open houses, and I have a lot of positive things to say about this university. 

First off, Point Park is a school where the professors and even the president of the college cares deeply about the education of their students. As we were on our tour, we stopped at a classroom and met with a professor who teaches classes relating to the sports, arts, and entertainment management major. She was very friendly, answered our questions with detail, and you could tell that she was really passionate about the subject that she taught. Not only was her personality beneficial for a classroom setting, but she had several qualifications and was very immersed in the work field that students would be going into after graduation.

Like I mentioned prior, the college’s president is exceptionally involved with his students. When my family and I sat down for lunch in the dining hall, the president was going table to table shaking hands with parents and sitting down to talk with possible future students. He sat down at our table, which really gave me a good impression that this school genuinely wants the best for their families and students.

This university’s education is also excellent for students because they prioritize hands-on experiences instead of sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. Students are able to gain a lot of knowledge through internships and jobs that professors have connections with throughout the Pittsburgh area. Some internships could include working at the Pirates’ stadium, Stage AE, the Penguins, Symphony Orchestra, National Aviary, and more. The college also revises their curriculum every four years so the education that a student would be getting currently could be way different in just a couple of years. This is because the market and the world is always changing, so they want to provide a superior education that is relevant to the current situations. 

The dorms at Point Park, at least the freshman dorms, are housed in a building that used to be a Victorian hotel, which is super cool. Students have the opportunity to either have a dorm with a bathroom or a dorm with AC, but ultimately it is up to the student as to what they would rather have. The dorms are spacious and cozy, but the hallway where the dorms are off of looked a little run down.

The dining hall is in the same building as the freshman dorms and there is also a cafe where students can order food to go, which is included in their meal pass. The school also provides vegetables and other pantry items that students can pick up for free, or there is a little grocery store where students can buy snacks, hygiene products, drinks, and more. The dorms are connected to another building with an enclosed bridge that goes over the road which is very convenient, especially when the weather is cold, because most of the freshman classes are in that building. Ultimately the dorms were very good compared to some of the other colleges that I have visited. 

Lastly, this school has a few more positive things that I would like to touch on. Students have free busing throughout the city, which is helpful for students who want to adventure out of their dorms. The library is located in a beautiful old bank with quiet study rooms for students to peacefully do their homework. There isn’t a lot of walking while students try to get to their classes and even though the college is located in Pittsburgh, there are no hills that students have to hike up to get an education. All and all, juniors and seniors should consider visiting Point Park if they are looking to be in a city environment without all the chaoticness of attending a bigger school.


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