Sixth grade class hosts SNAP Fair

Emma Minnick, Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, May 18, the sixth grade class hosted a SNAP fair event. SNAP stands for “Student-Centered, Non-Competitive, All-Inclusive, Problem-Based.” The fair focused on interactive math projects and puzzles that all grades were invited to see.

The game themes ranged from disco, pirates, ghosts, and even Minecraft. I spoke to Mrs. Smith, one of the sixth grade math teachers in charge of organizing the event. When asked her team’s motivations for hosting this event, she said, “We decided to do this because it’s a… problem-solving event for our kids.”

I personally tried to solve several of the puzzles the students made, and it was both challenging and fun. It was clear to see that the kids worked really hard on these puzzles, and had a lot of fun as well. Math teacher Mrs. Menjivar said, “They learned how to…be creative and show their interests, which is not something they always get to do in math class.”

Good job to all the students who got to share their projects with students and faculty.