Christmas Concert at CAPS


MaKenna Moore, Editor

On Tuesday, December 13, at the elementary school there was a Christmas concert held for grades pre-k through second grade. Mrs. Owens the primary school music teacher put on the concert coordinating it all and teaching all the children Christmas songs during music class for them to perform for their family and friends. All of the primary staff was present at the concert helping with the performance like lining up the children, supervising the students, being readers for the many visitors, and assisting the student on where to go.

The kids pre-k through 2nd were split into three groups because there were so many kids participating in the concert, each group sang two songs. At 5 pm a group of second, first, kindergarten, and pre-k students sang, then at 6 pm another group of second, first, kindergarten, and pre-k students, and lastly at 7 pm the last of the students sang, and in between each performance Mr. and Mrs. Claus handed out candy canes to the children.

This Christmas concert was a very special one because it is Mrs. Owens last concert because she will be retiring after this year. She announced her retirement at the end of the Christmas concert. She has been putting on the Christmas concerts for Corry primary school for 26 years.