The return of the talent show

Willow Bowen

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Carl Poppa
January 29, 2024

An old Corry tradition has recently been announced for a return: the annual talent show. It’s been many years since the last show due to the restrictions of COVID, but Corry High School students should get ready to shine because now is the time for them to showcase their skills.

The talent show will take place on the December 22, which is the half day before Christmas break, and will run around the times of 8:30 to 10:30. The student body should be thankful for the staff who are putting this together, Miss DiLuzio and Mr. Potocki, but mostly the students that get up on stage. 

Some things you can most certainly expect to see in the talent show this year are performances by Mr. Potocki and global media. Both have participated in the show ever since it was introduced. 

When asking Miss DiLuzio if she was excited for the show’s return she replied, “I’m excited, it’s one step closer to being back to normal, and we’re gonna make it even better than it was before.” 

If you want to sign up for the show you will have to stop by room 53 and get a slip from Miss DiLuzio. Make sure if you do have an act it is school appropriate. See you soon on the stage!