Lucky to call you ‘Mom’

Rubie Gibson

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If you don’t know Rikki Spencer, she is a mother to me and my little sister Diamond. Born on July 19, 1988, Rikki grew up in a little town called Union City, PA. She has one sister who is 45 years old. When not serving or bar tending at a restaurant she likes to spend time with her family, watch TV and hangout with her best friend Jared.

Some of her hobbies in school included Volleyball, hanging out with friends, playing softball. When asked if she ever thought about being a teacher she said “No, because I don’t have the patience.” Personally, some of her favorite subject in school were English, math and physical education.

What is Rikki’s favorite food? “Chicken sammy’s.” Her favorite colors are yellow and orange. Rikki really likes gems, that’s where mine and my sisters name came from. Her favorite song is “Betta For Ya” by Kevin Gates.

When asked what she planned on doing in her future she said, “Taking care of people.” When asked what her dream vacation is she said “To go to Jamaica.”

Overall her biggest pet peeve is lying. Finally, since she is out of school she would like to leave the readers with “Don’t be unhappy; life is too sort.”

As her daughter, these wise words from a strong mother will always ring in my ears and help me along the way as I continue on the path to my future.