November Girl of the Month


Jenna Martin, Editor

Every month, there is a girl and boy selected to represent Corry. Mrs. Bourgoine is the teacher in charge of finding the female nominees. Mrs. Britten is in charge of the boy of the month. Usually, every month the boy is chosen by a committee of  high school staff members, and is honored by the Corry Rotary Club. Unfortunately, the response was too late for this article.

When looking for nominees for the “Girl of the Month” Bourgoine looks for someone who is in the program that honors society, exemplifies the qualities of scholarship, citizenship, and leadership the winner is chosen by a committee of high school teachers and is honored by the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority. This month’s girl of the month is Gwen Adams.

When I asked Gwen what her initial reaction was when she found out she was chosen, her response was, “My initial reaction when I found out was I was shocked and honored!”

I then followed up and asked her why she thought she was chosen, she then continued with, “I think I was chosen because I feel like I’m a good role model and I try to put a smile onto people’s faces!”