Monster cereals make a spooky return


Willow Bowen, Editor

Every year Halloween rolls around there is one thing I look for on the shelves. You could even call it a tradition. The five cereals Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Yummy Mummy, and Fruit Brute appear in stores each spooky season.

The classic cereals have been around since 1971. The first two characters to be introduced were Franken Berry, a strawberry flavored cereal, and Count Alfred Chocula, a chocolate flavored cereal. A year later in 1972, Boo Berry made its debut as a blueberry flavored cereal.

There were many ups and downs with the production of some of the cereals. One of the trials and tribulations was something called “The Franken Berry Stool.” This had many consumers faces, and other things, turning pink due to an indigestible coloring in the cereal. Thankfully, it was removed and reformulated quickly

Some of the cereals have been in and out of production throughout the years like Fruit Brute being put on shelves in 1974, only to be replaced by Yummy Mummy in 1988. Although in 2010, the cereals were both released again and have remained ever since.

These cereals are such a fun and creative way to put people in the Halloween spirit. I haven’t seen marketing for a holiday quite like this, and the packaging this year has had a very nostalgic and retro design to them. If you can, make sure to try out these cereals and figure out which one is your favorite.

I did a quick survey because I was interested in what cereal would be everyone’s favorite and these were some of the answers I got.

Mr. Potocki – Boo Berry

Chesniy Hodak – Boo Berry

Kennadie Kubpcki – Count Chocula

Mr. Carney – Franken Berry

Joseph Johnson – Boo Berry

Cooper Downy – Boo Berry

Hunter LaSalvia – Boo Berry

Mackenzi Spence – Boo Berry

Avery Gates – Boo Berry

Cooper Slocum – Boo Berry

Myleigh Music – Boo Berry

Kan Swift – Count Chocula 

Gavin Kent – Boo Berry 

Tyler Parker – Boo Berry 

Rose Becerra – Boo Berry 

Raven Munn – All 

Brodie Riley – Count Chocula 

Sara Miles- Franken Berry

Mrs. Brown – Boo Berry 

Angie Cressley – Count Chocula

Austin Nickerson – Fruit Brute