Survey: Thankful for pie

Survey: Thankful for pie

Rubie Gibson, Reporter

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so let’s have some pie! I walked around school and asked the staff and students their favorite pie. I love pie myself, so I wanted to see what other people liked, too.

Mrs. Rose: ”Peanut Butter pie”

Mrs. Moisher: “Pecan pie”

Mr. Kuzma: “Pumpkin pie”

Mrs. DiLuzio: “Banana Creme pie”

Mr. Piot: “Chocolate pie”

Mr. Goodwill: “Pecan pie”

Hannah Daily: “Pumpkin pie”

Colton Anderson: “Pumpkin pie”

Mrs. Balogh: “Pumpkin pie”

Mrs. Sampsell: “Apple pie”

Mr. Knapp: “Apple pie w/ extra sharp cheese” hmm unique

Mr. Chud: “Apple pie”

Mrs. Lindsey: ” Apple pie”

Tony Brutcher: “Pumpkin pie”

Mr. Fralic: “Apple pie”

Mrs. Turben: “Dutch Apple pie”

Mrs.Britten: “Cherry pie”

Mrs. Ruth: “Pecan pie”

Mrs. Mitchell: Pumpkin pie w/Cool whip”

Mrs. Beckerink: “Apple pie”

Mrs. Greer: “Pecan pie”

Mrs. Clark: “Peanut Butter pie”

Mrs. Toplovich: “Pumpkin pie”

Mrs. Conroy: “Peanut Butter pie”

Austyn Morton: “Pumpkin pie”

Mrs. Tammy: “Banana Creme pie”

Garett Light: “Pumpkin pie”

Mrs. Lyngarkos: “Hershey pie”

Kat Kaiser: “Pumpkin pie”

Jalleen Klaiber: “Pumpkin pie”

Arianna Jones: “Pumpkin pie”

Mr. Potocki: “Peanut Butter pie”