Quarantine life brings a new furry friend

Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

In a world where a pandemic starts, people’s everyday lives have to change. Here is the story of how mine changed.

“Corona” first started around my birthday. I was told we were not going back to school for two weeks. Then after the first week ended, we were told that we weren’t going back. We had to finish school online or with paper packets for the rest of the year. We were not allowed to go anywhere or do anything for months. Essential workers were the only people allowed to do anything.

A few months after my birthday, I was scrolling through Snapchat and saw a boy that had puppies. A little background:I have been trying to get a puppy since I was seven. I am now 17,  so I showed my mom and she was totally on board. My dad, on the other hand, was not. So my mom and I just kept talking about it in front of my dad and saying it’s the perfect time because we are redoing our house and with quarantine we will have lots of time to spend with it. When it came close for the puppies to find their forever homes, my mom contacted the boy’s parents and they only had one left! So, of course, I said I would take him, but it was up to the boss: My dad.

We got ready for him to come home, and I was still trying to manage school and a new puppy. My dad always said he wasn’t taking care of him or touching him, but now he’s a big softy for my mini Dachshund named Ruger.

Now it’s October, Ruger is ten pounds, my dad loves him, he’s a real pain, and doing well. Overall, quarantine was a traumatic experience, but I got to go through it with my partner in crime.