Bright and hopeful Kyla

Bright and hopeful Kyla

Kylynn Deane, Reporter

Kyla Raye Frisina is currently a junior at our school. She was born on December 27, in Corry, PA. She is the middle child, with an older sister Lexi, and a younger brother Keaton. She plays on the varsity volleyball team, and JV softball team. Another activity she is committed to is cheering for the boys varsity basketball.

When asked about some of Kyla’s favorites, she has a definite strong answer for everything. Her favorite colors are purple and light gray. She says her favorite movie is a scary one, “When a Stranger Calls.” She was asked her favorite television series, “Definitely ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ it has been my favorite for a while now,” Kyla said. She also mentioned her favorite actor from the show is Patrick Dempsey.

Kyla also has a bright, hopeful future ahead of her. Her dream job she hopes to be able to work as an orthodontist. She hopes to one day travel to the Maldives, because, “It is just so pretty, and would be really fun to go to,” Kyla said. She also hopes to one day be happily married to her high school sweetheart, living a happy life with her husband and future children.

To end this interesting interview, here is how to get on Kyla’s good side. Her biggest pet peeve is when people fake cry, or act hurt or upset to get attention. This is her biggest piece of advice she could give people, “If you’re doing stupid things, be smart while doing so,” Kyla said, admitting what she believes in. So, make sure to abide by these pieces of information to be friends with this amazing student, Kyla.