Top 10 autumn-themed date ideas

Top 10 autumn-themed date ideas

Reagan White, Reporter

With the leaves falling and Halloween around the corner, fall date ideas are the key to your partner’s heart. From spooky to cute, these dates will leave you ecstatic. Take a look at the ideas below and go try one.

10. DIY Halloween decorating – Grab some paints and canvases from the dollar store to decorate together.

9. Hiking – It may be cold but the scenery is perfect for some outdoor adventures.

8. Rent a cabin – A cozy cabin with apple cider and some “Hocus Pocus” to start your night.

7. Drive-in movie theater – Horror movies in the dark and out by the woods? What could go wrong?

6. 13 levels of fear – Can you handle all the levels of these tortuous houses? Grab on to your partner because you are in for a spooky night.

5. Apple picking – Pick some fresh apples and take them home to bake some cute little treats!

4. Fall photo shoot – The trees are at that perfect fall color! Take some photos and show off your partner.

3. Port Farms – Hay rides, corn mazes, and so much more activities to enjoy at our local Port Farms!

2. Carving Pumpkins – pick out a pumpkin and choose a design for your partner to complete.

1. Halloween movie marathon – Add in some spooky and sweet Halloween movies to your comfy night.