The Beavers pick a win from North East

Corry’s defense stepped up in a Homecoming win against the North East Grape Pickers


RMT photography

Tony Brutcher picks off the the pickers QB at the 1 yard line

Jonathan Albers and Ashton Mineo

Last Friday the Beavers recorded their second consecutive victory. Corry defeated Northeast 32-12, and this win was extra sweet considering that it came on homecoming weekend.

Right before halftime Corry had a 13-12 lead heading into halftime off of Mason Savitz and Tony Brutcher receiving touchdowns. The Beavers started out the half slow, but the defense sparked the scoring when the Beavers blocked a Grape Pickers field goal attempt. Brutcher picked up the loose ball and carried it 95 yards to the house. The Beavers would make a stop and on the following drive Nolan Carey would break free, running for an 81 yard touchdown. Savitz would extend the lead to 32-12 after a pick 6. With the Pickers knocking on the door, Brutcher would secure the win with a pick that he returned 85 yards. The Beavers kneeled out the ball at the 15, securing the Beavers win. 

We were able to catch up with the Erie county football player of the week, Tony Brutcher, and ask him a few questions about the game. We started out by asking him what was going through his mind during the blocked kick return for a touchdown. He said, “It was very confusing because I didn’t know that I was allowed to return it until I saw someone sprinting towards me. Then I realized that I didn’t hear a whistle, so I picked up the ball and ran.”

Brutcher was unable to be with the team at halftime because he was participating in the Homecoming festivities. We asked how he was able to adapt without being in the locker room, he said, “Coaches did a great job of explaining adjustments and it was easy to get back into the groove of things.”

Lastly, we asked him how the emotions were after big homecoming win, he replied, “I was just super happy we won, that was the only thing I was concerned about the whole time. I know I made a couple of big plays, but I was just super happy with how our defense played and I was just grateful our guys got the win.”

The Beavers play at Girard this week, hopefully spoiling their homecoming to keep on winning.