Beautiful Mrs. Brown

Beautiful Mrs. Brown

Alivia Burger, Reporter

The school’s art teacher, Mrs. Mary Beth Brown, deserves more credit than she receives. Art is a critical way many people express their feelings and sharing that passion with someone who can help you expand your own abilities is important to many students. Not only does Mrs. Brown do this, she also gets to know her students individually and is very down to earth.

Born on March 31, Mary Beth Brown grew up in “that little rinky dink town” McKean, Pennsylvania and has three brothers and one sister who are 61, 60, 59, and 53, respectively. She attended Edinboro University, which is now part of PennWest. She always wanted to be a teacher and adored art; from here she put her two passions together and became an art teacher.

In her free time she spends time gardening, exploring trails around town, creating art, and before COVID hit she was on a roller derby team. Her first pick on a movie night would be “Steel Magnolias,” she explained that she loves it so much she got her daughter’s name from the movie and her favorite quote, “You know I love you more than my luggage” is from it. Mrs. Brown also shared that she adores musicals and “White Christmas” has to be her favorite but “Mamma Mia!” is a close contender.

Sharing a refusal to give up and the dedication to push through a problem, Mrs. Brown believes her personality is most similar to a honey badger. These critters can be seen fighting snakes in trees, eating straight out of a beehive while getting stung, and scaring off any bigger animals. Mrs. Brown loves the drive these little beasts have.

One of the easiest ways to drive Mrs. Brown insane is by lining up at the door before class ends. This is and has been her biggest pet peeve for a while. But she would like to leave the readers with the message: “Grab every moment when it presents itself because you may never have that moment again.” She also stated, “Don’t be afraid to take chances.”