Taylor Swift drops details on upcoming album, ‘Midnights’


Kylynn Deane, Reporter

Famous singer Taylor Swift announced her new album, “Midnights,” to be released October 21, after winning Video of the Year at the 2022 VMA’s.

This will be Swift’s tenth studio album, with thirteen tracks. Her last two music releases were re-recordings of her past albums, so this album full of all new songs will please fans. Leading up to the album releasing, Swift has one-by-one released the names of all of the new songs.

Swift started a series on her TikTok account, which she called “Midnights Mayhem.” Every day until all the songs were named, a video would come out at midnight where she would be sitting in front of the camera, then answer a phone call which revealed different track titles.

Here are the track names to “Midnights”:

“Lavender Haze”



“Snow On The Beach”

“You’re On Your Own, Kid”

“Midnight Rain”






“Sweet Nothing”


There are many Taylor Swift fans here at the Corry High School who have some things to say about the new music releasing spree they will soon receive from Swift.

“I am most excited for ‘Anti Hero,'” says junior Cooper Slocum. “I saw a video saying how this song is her most vulnerable song, even more than ‘The Archer.'”

“I just know that Taylor Swift is a hit-making machine, and there will be songs off of this album that will stick with us forever,” Mr. Potocki said when asked his thoughts on the new album. Many others have this same opinion about Swift, and are also looking forward to the new album.

On top of Swift’s album coming soon, she has also been nominated for five MTV Music Awards. The more nominations and wins, the more streams and supporters for her new album. This will very much be in her favor. Fans have been suspecting her to surprise-release a single off of the album before October 21 due to even more hidden hints in her videos.

Taylor Swift really does have a hold on her fans, being the most streamed artist on Spotify in one day. A countless number of people are expecting “Midnights” to get the same audience feedback as the album that gave her the most streamed artist title.