Meet new teacher Miss Seggi

Introducing Corry High’s new tenth grade honors English and history teacher Miss Seggi. Monday October 3 marked Miss Seggi’s first day on the job at Corry High.

Miss Seggi is in her second year of teaching. She spent her first year at Fort LeBoeuf. She attended Fort LeBoeuf High School, and then went to college at Pitt Bradford studying English Education, and then at Fort LeBoeuf earned certification to teach social studies. She chose this specific job because it offered the things she was looking for, and it was a permanent position. Seggi actually applied for a job here but was told that no spots were open. Then this position opened up, and she had a connection that got her recognized, and her resume checked out to be perfect for this spot.

Miss Seggi chose to be a teacher because it is a simple and calming job and that’s what she was looking for. She loves working and helping children to shape them into their best selves. She loves that this is a county school, and that it’s tiny and quiet. Miss Seggi says that she is very excited to teach here because she has her own room and she can control what she teaches and does, plus she is ready to settle down here and start her teaching career.

In Miss Seggi’s spare time she coaches volleyball and basketball at General McLane High School, she enjoys watching TV, and going out to eat. Her favorite book is “Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls, and her favorite movie is “You’ve Got Mail,” a popular 1998 comedy. When asked about her family such as pets, and siblings she said that she has a dog and it’s black lab retriever mix named Pepper. She also has a brother who is 21, and his name is Lucas; he is studying at Akron College. Her dream vacation would have to be to go and visit Australia.

When asked about her favorite subject in school it was no surprise that she answered English since she is an English teacher. She likes how English is laid back and you read different books and articles of all varieties. And Lastly when asked what her favorite quote is she said it would have to be, “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”- “Dead Poets Society.”