Greetings to Grubbs


Jenna Martin

Middle school girls physical education teacher, Ms. Grubbs

This school year our school hired a new middle school girls physical education teacher, Mya Grubbs, more known here as Ms. Grubbs.

Grubbs grew up in Sheffield, PA. Growing up she took part in several different sports, from competitive cheerleading to softball, basketball, and even volleyball. All during her high school career. During high school Grubbs also got the opportunity to take part in a co-op program with Abraxis that allowed her to help teach and coach kids. This played a part in how she fell in love with teaching and helping kids develop the skills to play the sports she once loved.

Before she began to teach here at Corry Middle-High School,  she studied at Lock Haven University, where she also took part in sideline cheerleading. Grubbs has one younger sister, who is currently studying physical therapy at Slippery Rock University. In her free time, Ms. Grubbs loves to ice fish when it’s cold, going on hikes, and of course, shopping. She also really enjoys the Harry Potter series, both movies and books.

Growing up her favorite class in school was PE class, which of course makes sense. And if she had to pick her favorite quote it would be, “Live every day like it’s your last.”

Ms. Grubbs says that she hopes to have a Golden Retriever one day, and that she would already have one, but “College isn’t really the right time to buy a dog. But hey, you do you.” Grubbs also says that if she had to choose one place to live, it would definitely be somewhere in the mountains.  Her dream vacation would be a camel ride through the Grand Canyon because that would be so much fun.  When I asked Ms. Grubbs what her favorite part of teaching here so far is, she said it would be when the kids come to class with a positive attitude and ready to participate. This is only her first year teaching, but she cannot wait to watch her kids succeed and participate in activities that they usually would not take part in.

I would like to thank Ms. Grubbs for taking the time out of her day to talk with me. And I hope that she has an amazing year here, and many more here in the future.