Survey: What are you looking forward to most about this coming school year?

Jenna Martin

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As the school year begins everyone is prepping for the rest of the year ahead of us. I went and asked 25 students and faculty what they were most looking forward to this school year.

  1. Naomi Brown: “Homeroom.”
  2. Mr. Brum- “Getting to know my new students and meet the challenges of a new year.”
  3. Mrs. Brundage- “Seeing what we will get to do in student council.”
  4. Mr. Buona- “Watching their amazing minds grow”
  5. Emmalee Carr- “Boyfriend Heath coming up for hoco.”
  6. Ellie Carey- ” The cafeteria lunches.”
  7. Mr. Carney- “Forging new relationships.”
  8. Mr. Coates- “Getting to know new people.”
  9. Angie Cressley- “Basketball cheer season”
  10. Ellie Curtis- “Seeing all of my friends every day.”
  11. Sadye Dyne- “More football games.”
  12. Maddie Goodwill- “Finally not being a middle schooler.”
  13. Andrew Harney- “Graduating 10th grade. “
  14. Roo Hellyer- “Sports.”
  15. Luke Hurd- ” Track season.”
  16. Porter Kafferlin- “Spirit week and hoco”
  17. Tori Kinney-  “Volleyball.”
  18. Wesley Kurlowich- “Welding.”
  19. Nick Lesher- “Homecoming.”
  20. Rylee Nickerson- “This coming volleyball season.”
  21. Mr. Potocki- “Getting to have the regular traditions we had before Covid.”
  22. Aiden Trask- ” Hanging out with my friends.”
  23. Parker Trask- “The end.”
  24. Kyle Weisner- “Graduating 10th grade.”
  25. Mr.Woods- “Every moment.”