Introduction to Corry High’s 2022 fall sports season


MaKenna Moore, Editor

Fall sports are here and we cannot wait to watch all of our student athletes thrive in each of their sports this season. There is girls volleyball, boys and girls cross country, football, boys and girls soccer, and golf.

The girls volleyball team, coached by Kelly Goodsel and Mark Brenner, had their first match on Wednesday, September 7 at Warren High School. The girls played strong, but sadly they lost in three sets coming home with a loss. The girls have another game on Tuesday September 14 home against CASH.

To get more of an insight, senior Tayler Elchynski answered questions on this year’s volleyball season. Elchynski said, “The season just started and so far it has been good!”

Elchynski continued, “I am really looking forward to district 10 playoffs and making memories with the team!”

Coach Goodsel added, “This season I am looking forward to watching my players grow as athletes and as individuals. Our season didn’t start out strong, but over the course of the season we will continue to improve and have a successful year ahead of us.”

The football team has played only two games this season, and their record is 0-2. The first game was home on Friday August 26 against Meadville. The score for that game was 55-6, Meadville taking the win. Their next game was Thursday September 1 at Oil City, and the score was 55-6, Oil City taking the win. The boys next game is away on Friday, September 9 playing against Conneaut.

To get an in-depth view on the boys football team, senior and captain Cooper Yatsko answered questions about the start of the season. Yatsko answered, “We’ve been seeing sparks on both sides of the ball and the outcomes of our games so far haven’t reflected the potential we have with a young team.”

Yatsko added, “As we move into the middle of the season we look forward to improving as a unit and racking up some games into the win column.” 

Coach Goodwill also answered the same questions saying, “Not as well as it could be. We have a lot of things to fix, but once we do we can have some success.” And for the second question he said, “To see our guys improve and compete at a high level within our region.”

The cross country girls and boys team both had races this week, and they both went against North East at home. The girls team won, but the boys lost by only one point.  Both teams have another race Friday night September 9, away at Eisenhower.

Senior Stephan Brady of the boys team gave his input on how he believes the season is going so far. “Our season had had a shaky start because we lost to the Powerhouse North team by 1, but we can still turn it around and be region champs if we beat Harbor Creek at the end of the season.”

 Brady continued, “I look forward to being the second best team in the district and going to states as a team.”

Senior Gwen Adams off the girls team answered the same questions stating, “I think it’s going good and I’m working pretty well.” The second question she stated, “The Hershey trip we are going on!”

Head coach Mr. Kelly also answered the same questions stating, “We have started the season really well. Our girls finished 2nd out of 13 teams and our boys were 4th out of 13 teams at the Hickory Invite. I am excited to see how we compete at the end of the year and I am hopeful to send lots of kids to states.”

The golf team played against Meadville, Cathedral Prep, Warren, Mcdowell, Erie High, and Hickory. Their next match is Monday September 12 and it starts at 9:00 a.m. Senior Captain Nate James took 2nd at the last golf match scoring a 77, and he is now placed 4th in region 6.

Senior Captain Ashton Mineo answered questions about this year’s golf season. Mineo answered with, “It has been tough for us adjusting this year against stronger competition and much harder courses. However, we are making the most of it.”

 Mineo continued, “I’m looking forward to the end of the season’s tournament at Tamo.”

Their coach also answered the questions stating, “I think the season is going quite well even though our expectations are a bit low this year, the guys are all working hard and that’s the most important part. What I am looking forward to this year is to practice. I like to practice and I like to see the boys improve and then as we go to our events we do our best.”

The boys and girls soccer teams have had a pretty good season so far. The girls team played Monday August 29 against Iroquois and won. Their second game was on Tuesday, September 6 against Grove City and they lost. Then their third game was on Thursday, September 8 against Harbor Creek, and they took another loss. Their latest game was against Seneca on Saturday September 10, and they lost that game as well.

The girls team Senior Captain Rachel Edgar responded to questions about the season: “I think our season is going all right so far.” 

Edgar added, “I am looking forward to winning more games and improving.”

The girls coach said, “It could be going better. Our numbers are low and I believe that’s been the difference in some of the games we have had. The toughest match ups are finished for the season, so hopefully we can start to turn things around. I am looking forward to the season in general. I enjoy watching the girls play well and win together. It’s nice to see the progress made with each week that passes.” 

The boys played Tuesday, September 6 vs. Grove City. Then Saturday, September 10 against Oil City. Their next game is Tuesday, September 13 at home vs. FLB.

Senior Captain Devin Graham said, “Our season has been pretty good and we are looking a lot better than last year. We have a really young team, so it’s hard keeping up with teams that are mostly upperclassmen. I am looking forward to making memories, and watching the team get better.”

As the sports seasons go on be ready for some more Corry High sports content to be published.