Mrs. Rutkowski, new family consumer science teacher, wants to inspire kids to love learning


Mrs. Rutkowski, Chloe, and Mable

Hunter Taylor, Reporter

Mrs. Rutkowski is our new family consumer science teacher. I have her for my second block experimental foods class. She makes class simple but not too easy. She makes sure you are on task and completing her assignments on time. If you do your work and get it done, it will be a fun class. And with the pandemic it makes it hard to work with food. But even then we try our hardest to make class easy and fun.

Mrs. Rutkowski was born on March 23 and grew up in Waterford, PA. She has two siblings, one older sister and one younger brother. In high school she went to Fort LeBoeuf, and she went to Edinboro University for college. She has two dogs that are like children to her. Their names are Mable and Chloe. The reason she chose to teach is that she wants to inspire kids to love learning. She used to teach at East Middle School in Erie. Now that she has started to teach in Corry, she has come to enjoy Corry school and her students.

In my opinion, Mrs. Rutkowski is a very nice teacher and if you ever get to talk to her, whether you will have her in class or if you get to see her in the halls, I would say hello and welcome her to our school. I think she will definitely achieve her goal of helping students love to learn. Also, I think everyone who has her now, and will in the future, will agree with me.