Mysterious Carter


Ruthie Light, Reporter

Carter James Slocum is a sophomore that attends Corry Area Middle-High School. His birthday is February 6, 2006, making him a 16-year-old Aquarius. For the most part, Slocum grew up in Corry, Pennsylvania, but he also spent three years as a toddler living in Titusville, Pennsylvania. He also has two siblings, one of which is his twin brother, Cooper Slocum. His other sibling is his 13-year-old sister, Kate Slocum. 

As of currently, Slocum says that he is not sure what he wants to pursue as a career when he graduates. However, he definitely wants to travel the world and have an impactful career that he loves. Speaking of traveling, Slocum mentioned that he will be going to Boston/Salem Massachusetts at the beginning of June, as well as Rhode Island, Connecticut, Virginia Beach, New York City, and possibly Tennessee. Although he has many upcoming vacation plans, Slocum expresses that his dream vacation would be exploring different places in Europe and staying in the “most amazing” hotels. To continue, he would also like to visit Brazil because it is his dream to see the Amazon rainforest, and he is really fascinated with their beautiful culture. Some additional places he would love to visit are Egypt, Italy, Greece, and many more.

Carter Slocum is a man of many hobbies, some of which include taking care of his animals (considering that he has four of them), crystals, watching Netflix and YouTube, hanging out with his friends, tending to his plants, and scrolling through Pinterest. Slocum does not play any sports, though. He says that he does not engage in sports because he does not consider himself very good at committing himself to something other than school. When it comes to school, Slocum says that his favorite class is probably chemistry because he is “really good at it”, and he really enjoys having his teacher. He also added that his government class is a very close second because it is the first history class that he feels like he has learned a lot in.

Next, here are a few things you may not know about Carter Slocum. To begin, his favorite color is green, his favorite emotion is peace, and his favorite song is “TikTok” by Kesha. He says that he does not really have a favorite movie, but whenever people ask, he just says that it  is “Titanic.” When I asked Slocum what animal he would match his personality to, he responded by saying, “A cat because some days I am very zen and at peace, but other days I am in a bad mood.” Another thing you may not have known is that Slocum’s favorite food to eat is Olive Garden’s salad and breadsticks. Lastly, his biggest pet peeve is when he is trying to learn in class but students keep talking and being a distraction..

To conclude our journey of getting to know Carter Slocum, his favorite quote is “That’s hot,” which is a phrase used by the “fabulous” Paris Hilton. A piece of advice Slocum would like to leave this article off with is: “Stay in the present moment because you are going to regret focusing on the past and future instead of being able to enjoy what is around you now.”