Tips on vehicle repairs


Trevor Raupach, Reporter

There are many repairs that can be or might need to be done to a vehicle. These repairs can be performed by you unless it’s difficult and if you haven’t had any good experience with it.

Most repairs are made at a shop either if it’s an inspection or if you send it because you know something is wrong. Inspection usually happens a few times a year if nothing is wrong that you know of. During inspection they check under the hood and the lower part of the vehicle to see anything out of the ordinary. The inspection likely will take longer if they find more than one problem.

Usually you will be contacted by the shop if they know there’s a problem or more. If a problem is found then they’ll try to fix it, and if they do fix the problem or problems. Then when it’s done they’ll call and tell you it’s done and you can come pay and take it back with you.