Survey: What was your favorite memory from this school year?

Survey: What was your favorite memory from this school year?

Kayla Hayes, Reporter

This school year is coming to an end and a lot has happened since the beginning of the year. Everyone had their favorite moments and their least favorite moments, but usually focus on their favorites. I went around the school asking teachers and students from different grades what was their favorite memory from this school year. There were a lot of different answers, whether it was school related or not.

Keira Knight: Playing volleyball and watching my friends in the play.

Lani Kennedy: Spirit week.

Halle Peterson: Soccer season.

Mr. Bailey: Having everyone back in the stands for basketball games.

Blake Cook: Beating the hurdle record in middle school.

Gavin Kent: Playing basketball.

Jaelynn Lindsley: Went to the sea wolves game.

Laikynn Bayle: Meet new teachers.

Cyndaleigh Fahey: Having social studies.

Maddie Leofsky: When Mrs. White fell over at the assembly.

Kaleigh Healey: My math grades went up.

Morgan Willis: Going to cheer camp.

Rachel Moats: Going home every day.

Seth Alsdorf: Spending time with teachers.

Lucas Baker: Playing basketball.

Kamdyn Moon: Diving play in baseball.

Lucy Hasbrouck: Gym class.

Ellie fiesler: Gym class.

Audrey Miller: Mrs Burek’s class.

Kaitlyn Day: Hanging out with my friends.

Trevor Hayes: Going home after school every day.

Tori Kinney: Playing high school volleyball.

Gwen Adams: Taking pics for prom.

Aubrey Chase: Potty breaks with Rachel.

Sarah Fox: When I have to cover for Aubrey.