Esports group forms in Corry; first tournament: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Ava Gjertsen, Editor

Newly in Corry Middle-High School, an esports club has formed with hopes to be a league in the upcoming year. During their very first club meeting, about 60 students showed up.

This Friday, May 27, there will be a tournament for the club at Warren Area High School in the auditorium at 10 a.m. Attendees will be competing in the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which will be free to play and lunches will be provided. Players are welcomed to bring their own controllers from home, although they will be given at the event.

Like all tournaments, there are rules in line. These rules include: 1 v 1, double elimination, no items, spirits, smash meters, stage hazards, no DLC, tournament stages only, stage bans and picks. It’s vital that said regulations are followed for every member to have a good and fair experience.

Mr. McBriar and Mr. McGinnity are the advisers of the eSports club, so any questions you may have should go to them. The club is open to both middle and high school students, where students are allowed to form their own groups and compete.