Observations about the end of the year


MaKenna Moore, Reporter

The countdown is almost at an end; only five days left until “school’s out for summer.”

Now that it’s the end of the school year, lots of things are changing all around Corry High, from the weather to classroom decor. Teachers are taking down all of their decorations, packing it all away for next year, making the walls bare. No more work to keep students stressed and preoccupied, no more endless stacks of papers for teachers to grade, and freedom is ahead. There are many mixed emotions and feelings flying through the air about the end of the school year such as stress, anger, relief, happiness, and sadness. Seniors are on their way out, and new upcoming underclassmen will be starting their first year of high school. Some teachers and faculty are saying their goodbyes and putting their badges up for good and heading into the glorious years of retirement.

The end of the school year doesn’t always mean happy and easy times. There is still hard work that needs to be done such as finals, Keystones, assignments, and lessons that still need to be taught. Many students have given up, throwing their patience down the drain, and moving away from their school assignments and obligations. Students are done, they’ve had enough, all of their brains have been tested and pushed to their limits. Keep pushing through each day finishing assignments and taking your time on tests and doing your best. Students are discouraging their education and aiming towards summer days and nights, but they should still be in the school mindset, making good grades for the end of this quarter. Many are failing classes and it’s not befitting them, it’s actually hurting them in many ways.  Not wanting to be in school or doing school work anymore is understandable, but they should still be pushing themselves through it trying to do their best for the end of the year. Leave school feeling good and happy about your education, not upset and disappointed about how you could have done better. 

As the days go on, more and more absences are recorded from both students and staff. Everyone is starting to get a lot more vigilant with missing school due to the nice weather and just not wanting to attend. The attendance of the school has gone down a lot when it comes to missed days. Many assignments are turned in late and teachers are over teaching lessons and assigning work. People are walking around as if they’re zombies, and it is a race on who can move the slowest. Not all students are down in the dumps about school; some are still sticking through their classes, but are marking off the days on their calendars until they’re gone. Upcoming freshmen and sixth graders are shaking in their boots about joining the high school and actually being high school students roaming around in the “big kid halls.” Seniors are wishing this school farewell as they head off into the real world, and looking back on all of their high school memories, the good and bad ones. Some teachers can say this is their last year of teaching and they’re off to retirement.

Many exciting things have gone on throughout this school year from wearing masks at the beginning to not having to wear them anymore. Many people have made major decisions for their futures or education. Many laughs and memories have been shared at this school, but I’m sure many are glad to have it end and are ready to head into summer.