Mr. Cragg set to retire from Corry Middle-High School

Haeleigh Bayle, Editor

Mr. Cragg, who has been the high school principal for 17 years, is set to retire on June 30 of this year.

Mr. Cragg started his journey of working in the administration in January of 2000. Over the years he has impacted the lives of many students, teachers, and other staff workers here at Corry Middle-High School. Because Mr. Cragg has spent 17 years exclusively being a principal, it proves his dedication to not just his job, but the students as well.

Mr. Cragg has not always been a principal, however. When asked if he had always wanted to be a principal he said, “No, absolutely not.” He then explained how his father was a PE teacher, which made him want to go to college for physical education as well. Upon graduation and at the beginning of his career, he taught health class, physical education, and driver’s education. Both Mr. Cragg and his father went to Slippery Rock University for their degrees, and Mr. Cragg even met Mrs. Cragg while attending Slippery Rock. When he first became the high school principal, Mr. Cragg said he was, “scared to death.” He explained how he felt that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be a principal, or if he could even handle being a principal. However, as time has shown, this position has worked very well for Mr. Cragg.

When asked if he would miss coming here to the high school every day, Mr. Cragg noted how he will miss his relationships with the kids and teachers that have grown over the years, but he will not necessarily miss work. This led to the question of what he is looking forward most to retirement. Mr. Cragg is most looking forward to travelling with his wife, Mrs. Cragg, the middle school girls PE and health teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Cragg are both set to retire from their long service to Corry High at the same time this summer.

Mr. Cragg mentioned how the best part of working here is the fact that he is so invested in this town since he grew up here, and how much he wants everyone to do the best they can. Here at Corry High countless students have moved on to college, the workforce, or the military and have led very successful lives. His favorite part of his job has been, “Dealing with kids.” Kids are difficult to work with, and it takes a certain individual to truly relate and help them grow into respectable individuals.

When asked what the funniest thing was that has happened in his career he answered, “…I would have to say it would have to be the practical jokes I’ve played on so many people over the years, especially Mr. McGinnity.”

Many people have been wondering who the new assistant principal will be. Though Mr. Cragg was not able to say a specific name, he did verify that there will, in fact, be someone moving into the assistant principal position. Mr. Passinger, the current assistant principal, will be taking over for Mr. Cragg when he officially retires. If Mr. Cragg could pass down any advice to Mr. Passinger as he takes over the position of head principal it would be, “Just be patient and listen to kids.” He noted how Mr. Passinger will do an excellent job in this position and it is “like he’s meant for it.”

On behalf of all of Corry High, we want to thank you, Mr. Cragg, for your many years of service to the students (and staff) of this school. We also wish you and Mrs. Cragg a wonderful retirement and many happy memories.