The man in the woods

April Peterson, Reporter

There was a family living in a house deep in the woods of Maine. The house was old but very beautiful. It had been passed down in the family for many generations. Janice gained ownership of the house after her mother and father passed away when she was 40. Janice and her husband, Jerry have been married for 18 years and have 3 children, Autumn (22), Carol (23), and Ronald (25).

The family loves the house, they were away from the city and got to listen to nature instead of cars and things like when they lived in the city. The kids loved living in the country because they didn’t live close to anybody so while their parents were away on work trips they would have bigĀ  parties and invite all of their friends from the city.

One weekend in July, Janice and Jerry were both gone for the week for work. Autumn and Carol had an idea. They wanted to have a party. They told Ronald that they were going to have a party while their parents were away.. Ronald liked the idea so he started inviting all of his friends. During the party, the next day, and a couple of their friends told the siblings that there was a man standing behind a tree in the woods and kept peeking his head out watching the party. Thinking that it was probably one of the people from the party they went to him to ask him if he was okay or if he needed something. They realized quickly that they have never seen this man before so they asked him who he was and what he wanted. The man didn’t give them his name but he explained to them that he was 21 years old and got lost while hiking in the woods. The siblings asked if he needed directions or anything. The man insisted on staying at the party and relaxing because he was getting tired. The man stayed and helped himself to some drinks. The man started asking the siblings if this house was theirs and who all lived with them and the siblings told him that it was their parents house and they were gone for the week.

The next night the siblings were having another party and everybody that wanted to come to that party too stayed the night at their house. The next morning when the siblings woke up the man was gone but when they went to sleep the night before he was asleep in the living room along with Autumn, Carol, and Ronald’s friends. They were confused but didn’t think much of it. Later that night Carol and her friend went into the basement because that’s where Carol’s room was and she needed to grab something. While in her room Carol noticed that things were moved around. She pointed it out to her friend and they both looked at each other with confusion but just let it go because nothing major was wrong. While walking out of her room Carol heard someone let out a big gasp of air as if they were holding their breath for a long time. She screamed and slammed the door, ran up the stairs to find her brother. She started screaming in Ronald’s face and tells him their is someone in her room. Carol and Ronald start running through the house weaving through all the people and they got to the bottom of the stairs, the guy from the woods came walking out of Carol’s room as if nothing happened.

Ronald started getting in his face and yelling at him and the guy got really scared and told Ronald that he got lost trying to find the bathroom and didn’t want Carol to see him in her room. Autumn was at the top of the stairs along with everybody else at the party trying to figure out what just happened. She noticed her brother balling up his fists like he was going to throw a punch at this man, so she ran down the stairs and told her brother to calm down and told him to just call the police.