Survey: Celebrating Memorial Day


Jenna Martin, Reporter

Since Memorial Day is approaching, I decided to ask 28 faculty and students that attend Corry Area High School, what their Memorial Day plans are. Here are the responses I received:

Miss Rose: Visit the cemetery and have a picnic

Mrs. Adamski: Going camping and having a cookout

Mrs. Cragg: Picnic at my house

Mrs. Yetzer: Spend time with family, enjoy the outdoors and have a picnic

Mrs. Willis: Going out on the boat

Mr. Krasa: Going out on the lake and not coming off

Wesley Kurlowich: Probably having a bonfire

Levi Merrill: Probably going out to eat

Andre Henderson: Probably hanging out with my fam

Lewis Hellyer: Going camping

Mr. Hogue:  Rocking and/or Rolling

Addy Pillar: Camping

Kaygen Rogers: Kayaking, riding and camping

Angie Cressley: Softball Tournament

Mr.Carney: Brunch and a cookout

Porter Kafferlin: Going camping

Gwen Adams: Going to the lake house and visiting the cementary

Peyton Wilkinson: Boating

Mr. Potocki: Working a wedding

Aubrey Chase: Eating popsicles and maybe going swimming

Maddie Gustafson: Sitting at home with Maisey

Mr. Cragg: Picnic at camp, or ”whatever the wife tells me i’m doing”

Taylor Mitchell: Going to my grandmas house

Mr.Brewer: Probably eating food and sitting out with whoever may be my company

Karson Chamberlin: Finish all my school work

Kael Albers: Fishing, camping and boating

Sydney Woods: Plan a family barbecue to celebrate

Halle Beach: Dance competition

Jonas Anthony: Eating food

I would now like to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to answer this question. It is very appreciated.