Who is Haylee Dyne?

Who is Haylee Dyne?

Jenna Martin, Reporter

Haylee Dyne is an 18-year-old athlete who grew up in Spartanburg, Pennsylvania. Haylee was born on November 22, 2003. Growing up, Haylee attended Sparta Elementary for five years, then she went to Columbus Elementary for one year before attending Corry Middle-High School for the last seven years. Haylee is the middle child with two sisters, Veda and Sadye Dyne.

Haylee’s favorite class in school is health care. Over the years, Haylee has pitched for several different softball teams; her teams vary between Corry Posse, Erie Frost, Dream Crushers, UC Ice, and she is currently part of our Corry Beavers High School Varsity Softball Team. She has also taken part in basketball over the years. Haylee played on the middle school basketball team during her middle school career and was also part of the high school basketball team for the past four years.

Haylee is currently a senior in high school, who will soon be moving on to bigger things. Haylee will be attending Thiel College this coming fall, where she will be majoring in nursing and playing on the Thiel softball team. After College Haylee hopes to live somewhere nice with her future husband, with two kids while pursuing her career as a nurse.

The most important people in her life are her mom and dad because “If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be who I am today.” When I asked Haylee what one fun fact about herself is, she said that  if she could watch one TV show for the rest of her life, it would be “One Tree Hill.” Dyne’s favorite thing to do in her free time is hang out with her friends and family.

If Haylee could travel anywhere it would be Bora Bora, because it’s nice. Haylee’s favorite color is red, and her favorite show is “Vampire Diaries.” If Haylee had to pick a favorite song it would be ” All Your’n” by Tyler Childers. A piece of advice that Haylee would give the reader is “Don’t give up.”

I would now like to thank Haylee for answering these questions and giving me the time out of her day. It is very appreciated, and Thiel is very lucky to have you for the next four years. We cannot wait to see where this adventure takes you.