The Legend of Steven Kwan

Steven Kwan, a rookie for the Cleveland Guardians, keeps baseball fans excited for his different plate approach and amazing production.


Jonathan Albers, Editor

If someone asked you who the best contact hitter in MLB is, who would you say? DJ LeMahieu, Jose Altuve, and Juan Soto all come to mind. Steven Kwan is a new name in MLB. The 2022 season is his rookie season, and he is one of the most interesting players to date. This is the Legend of Steven Kwan.

Kwan started the year in the Bigs with the Clevelend Guardians. Not many people were expecting many of the Guardians to be elite hitters other than Jose Ramierez but proved many of those people wrong. Kwan started the year off red hot, reaching base in 19 of his first 29 plate appearances. Kwan also saw 116 pitches before swinging and missing, and he only had one strikeout in that span. Hearing about any player doing this is ridiculous, let alone a rookie to start his career. This is a very impressive feat, and who knows if anyone will ever do it again.

Currently, Kwan is .328 with five doubles, one triple, one homer, and ten walks. He is still under ten strikeouts for the season, with seven so far. Kwan has had an amazing start to his rookie season, and baseball fans only want his productivity to continue. At the end of the 2022 season, we may be adding Steven Kwan to the list of elite contact hitters.