What is one thing about school you will miss after graduation?

Bryce Lindstrom: Seeing my friends on the daily.

Konner Johnson: The people.

Aiden Kafferlin: Seeing my friends every day.

Zachary Ahl: Being with my friends every day.

Nathan Wright: Less priorities.

Austyn Benninger: My teachers.

Austin Fenstermaker: The teachers.

Rachel Brady: My friends and teachers.

Kendall Keener: The football games and assemblies.

Abigail Sell: The freedom to mess up and to be able to shrug it off.

Diana Piscitelli: My friends.

Selena Green: The spirit weeks, fun day, and the pep assembly.

Taylor Fenstermaker: Seeing my best friend Lexy every day.

Sarah Kocol: Being with my friends every day.

Chloe Anthony: The known.

Logan Joncas: Seeing my friends every day.

Caleb Mars: My friends and the memories.

Derrick Albers: The sports and the dances.

Nicholas Baker: Friends.

Connor Butchko: Friends.

Hunter Savitz: Sports.

Samantha Goodwill: Seeing all of my friends and teachers.

Lexi Frisina: Cheesy chicken and rice day and sports.

Jade Beebe: My friends.

Abigail Fralick: Being able to see my friends every day.

Riley Maynard: How much we’re gonna change in life before we see each other again.

Jade McElravy: Teachers.

Sierra Geer: All of my favorite teachers.

Nathaniel Davies: Hanging out with all the cool and reasonably smart people I have met.

Tyler Beach: Not seeing my friends as much.

Jasmine Miles: The conversations with my fellow classmates and teachers.

Alexis Hasbrouck: My teachers and high school sports.

Caelin Silvis: Having fun and messing around there and being with my friends.

Amanda Gjertsen: Seeing friends every day and some of the teachers.