Survey: What are you looking forward to most about summer?

Survey: What are you looking forward to most about summer?

MaKenna Moore, Reporter

Summer is just around the corner. Just one more month left of school until we’re all free from unbearable amounts of school work and long stressful nights of studying. Boating, camping, hanging with friends, amazing weather, and sleeping in are all things that summer’s got everyone excited about. When it comes to summer vacation, Corry Middle-High students and staff are itching to get back to their summer activities that they love most. The question asked to several students/staff members at Corry Middle-High was: What are you looking forward to most about summer? Here are some of the answers:

Emmalee Carr: Getting my permit

Sydney Woods: Boating with my family

Zach Turban: Going golfing

Karson Chamberlin: Swimming

Kendyll Chamberlin: Going to baseball games

Kaygen Rogers: Tanning

Angie Cressley: Going to cheer camp

Luke Hurd: Good weather

Delaney Nickerson: Swimming

Miley Gwin: No school

Morgan Martin: No school

Jonas Anthony: Eating

Mr. Carney: Spending time with my kids

Mr. Potocki: Getting a refreshing break from the long school year, and spending lots of time with my family

Tori Kinney: Making money and having fun

Lexi Heiser: Going to fires and lakes days

Mallory Dahlgren: Going to the beach

Avery Sontheimer: Having no school work to do

Lexi Scholar: Going to the beach

Brody Burlingame: No school

Cameron Ricketts: Not coming to school

Aubrey Vanderhoof: Hanging out with friends

Addison Pillar: Vacation

Tyler Biondi: Going to parties

Porter Kafferlin: Going to parties

Peyton Wilkinson: Tanning

Gwen Adams: Going to the beach and watching sunsets

Keira Knight: Sleeping in

Mr. Passinger: Spending nice days at school preparing for next year

Mr. Knapp: Warm weather and sunshine

Addy Zajac: Swimming

Addy Amy: Going on vacation

Kendall Passinger: Going to California